Another music blog . . .

Do we need any more voices in an already crowded room of differing opinions?  It seems like everyone has a view on what is and what isn’t good music.  I like that, I like to hear all those opinions, savor them, digest them, and gradually come to the conclusion that I was right anyway.   Despite my confidence in my own taste, I still consider myself pretty openminded when it comes to music, I’ll listen to most things.  But Technovore is not going to be about most things, it will focus on techno or at least my interpretation of what techno is to me.  I hate to label things and nothing irritates me more than seeing dance music pigeonholed into an endless procession of genres and sub-genres whose only existence seems to be to provide insufferable music snobs with reasons to bicker instead of appreciating the music.

As this project unfolds I’ll get to discuss my relationship with music and how I got to the point where I think maybe someone out there might just be interested in what I have to say.  There will  be recommendations of new releases, track and album reviews and favourite mixes for your listening pleasure, previews and recaps of events and parties, and anything else that comes to mind along the way.  To be honest I’m not really sure where this is going to lead, I’ll just be happy to be here writing, listening, sharing and dancing .  My hope is that occasionally someone will come by take a listen and their day will feel energized with what they heard or what they read.  I’m excited, music has a profound effect on me, on us all; it quickens our souls and in electronic form there exists a sublime interaction between man and machine.  I am a frenetic consumer of this energy, drums, snares, pauses, beeps – I am a Technovore.


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