Music review

Marc DePulse – Famekiller

German native Marc DePulse is a producer on my wavelength, a fellow genre avoider, likes what he likes and hopes you like it too – “I don’t specify my music.  I simply play and produce what I love.”  A decade plus of DJing and production has given him the opportunity to find his own unique style sharing his music via Einmusika, Noir, Heinz, and Tulipa among others.  This week DePulse is coming in super hot with this four track EP from one of my favorite labels, Selador.

Famekiller is a heavy hitting techno powerhouse, get some serious speakers when you try it out, your ears will forgive you later.  The remix by fellow German, Kevin Over, teases you by taking the tempo down slightly only to build up the energy again with some delicious percussion and a side of acid.  Nothing Toulouse is a bit of a secret weapon in my opinion, absolute earthquake of a track, look forward to seeing the remnants of a dance floor when I hear it out.  Finally, Slapstick remixed by Dave Granha, impressively rounds off the quartet of seismic techno.

You can buy the whole package on Beatport now.  I have a feeling this is going to be a big year for this guy.

More from Marc DePulse via his fantastic downloadable monthly podcast series How I Met The Bass where he asks fellow DJs how their taste in music formed who they are today, it’s a story, not just a mix.  Here’s Selador’s Dave Seaman, enjoy some history 🙂


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