Ascendant Artist

Anja Zaube

There is a true pleasure in discovering an artist whose music really speaks to you.  If this could happen every week I’d love make it a regular feature of this blog, I’ll stay on the look out and pass on what I find.  Of course whatever I’m drawn to might not be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s cool, but given that you are reading a blog about techno right now I’d say that whatever I suggest might have a little bit of value in it if like me you are obsessed by repetitive beats!

Today I was browsing my Soundcloud looking for new podcasts, I love to be taken on a journey rather than just one track, and came across the podcast series from Berlin based record company Reclaim Your City (RYC).  A veritable treasure trove of 175 mixes by techno  turntabulists like Rebekah, CTRLS, Pfirter, Yan Cook and so many more.  After listening to several hours of great music, the mix by Anja Zaube just took things to a different level for me, she is an incredibly talented sound selector, remains patient even when the bpm starts climbing, one melody effortlessly and invisibly slipping into the next.  Have a listen to the RYC podcast here:

So it’s no surprise that Anja is a regular at Berlin clubs like Berghain, Panorama Bar, and Ritter Butzke her shadowy, experimental techno vibe is perfect.  She has released music via ://about blank, HET and is planning her own record label release very soon.  I also found a video of a hypnotic 2 hour set from 2014 which just made me wish I was in a sweaty dark room with a top tier sound system in Berlin at 3 am.  You don’t need to use your eyes for this one as there’s not much to see, but the sound quality is pretty good.



I’ll be keeping my eye on Anja Zaube and hoping she performs outside of Berlin some time soon!  I’d love to hear of any producers you’d recommend for this Ascendant Artist spot, I’m all ears 🙂



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