Minimal Monday

Magda – Timewarp Radio Podcast 2016

It’s Monday, keeping it low key and soothing with some beautiful minimal from the best in the business, Magda. This was an exclusive mix recorded in March prior to Time Warp’s 22nd edition earlier this year for German radio station Dasding.  You can listen and download for free.



There’s just so much to love about Magda, she brings a European perspective to the Detroit sound and has created a fan base devoted to her consistent quality output, not to mention her expertise in collaborating with other artists whether they are producers, musicians or in the fields or fashion or art.  If you are heading to Lightening In A Bottle this weekend and feel inclined to soak in a more experimentally rich sound I really encourage you to check out Magda’s performance at The Woogie stage.

For an insight into Magda’s process for making music we can get a look at her studio with this great little video from Telekom Electronic Beats TV Tech Talk.  Honestly leaves you just thinking wow, what a boundary pushing talent.



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