Mixes to share

Dry spell.

Even the most avid music lovers sometimes can’t really be bothered to listen for a little while.  This happens to me now and then.  Years ago I used to worry that I was losing interest, that I was “growing up” and would move on to more mainstream music, why this worried me I’m not really sure, but it did.  More recently I try and embrace the period of barren soundscape and just let it happen full in the knowledge that eventually something will spring from my soundcloud, mixcloud, twitter, bandcamp etc and wake me from my beatless slumber.  There is actually something pretty liberating in just letting the universe provide as it were, letting the good stuff come to you without that frenetic search for an as yet unreleased ID, or the latest mix from the DJ du jour.

This just woke me up.

A long time fan of the Fixed family, indeed one of my fave nights out ever was back at the Highline Ballroom with JDH, Dave P, Catz ‘n’ Dogz and the amazing Aeroplane for a Verboten gig.  This mix from JDH, aka Josh Houtkin, just got me in the sweet spot, the groove, the heart, call it what you will, but when you feel it you’ll know.  Enjoy friends.



This Friday June 10th, FIXED is back at Good Room, Brooklyn, with Simian Mobile Disco, Kenton Slash Demon, and more. You can pick up $15 advance tickets at Resident Advisor, and tickets are $20 at the door.  It is going to be a great party, come.


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